City Trekking e-Bikes

The e-bikes, City and Trekking are perfect for those looking for an electric bike versatile for getting around town or for trips to long-distance varied terrains. With a focus on comfort and functionality, these e-bikes are designed to provide a driving experience relaxed and hassle-free.

These electric bikes are equipped with engines of pedal assist, which provide an extra boost to help the cyclist in your pedal stroke, and high-capacity batteries that allow for a large degree of autonomy. With a wide range of speeds and configurations of assistance, the rider can tailor your driving experience to their personal preferences and the terrain.

The majority of e-bikes, City and Trekking are equipped with practical accessories for daily use, such as luggage rack, lights, fenders, and water bottle holders. In addition, many of them have systems of hydraulic disc brakes, which increases the safety on the road and guarantees a reliable stopping.

In terms of design, these e-bikes combine functionality with a modern and stylish look. Some models are equipped with aluminum frames lightweight and durable, while others can be made of most advanced materials, such as carbon fiber. The ergonomic designs of the handlebars and seat ensure a comfortable and relaxed while driving.

In summary, if you are looking for an electric bike to move around the city or excursions, long-distance, e-bikes, City and Trekking are an excellent option. With a great deal of autonomy, practical accessories and a modern and elegant design, these electric bikes offer you a driving experience comfortable and hassle-free.

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